1. What is Clippers CourtVision? Clippers CourtVision is the new way to watch sports. Clippers CourtVision puts fans in control of the game to make the viewing experience their own. With Clippers CourtVision, fans choose from a variety of augmented reality livestreams, picking the stats and bonus content they want to see—all within the video stream.
  2. How do I access Clippers CourtVision? If you have been invited to be a part of Clippers CourtVision for the 2019-20 season, please check your email for specific instructions.  After account setup, you will then be able to watch Clippers CourtVision via the iOS app (download required) or from your desktop/tablet/mobile browser.
  3. Where/how can I watch Clippers CourtVision? Clippers CourtVision is available via iOS app (download required) or from your desktop/tablet/mobile browser.
  4. What games can I watch on Clippers CourtVision? During the 2019-20 season, Clippers CourtVision is available for most Los Angeles Clippers home and away games, for select invitees.
  5. What are modes? Clippers CourtVision lets fans choose how they want to watch the game. Modes include:
  • Coach mode: See what the Coach sees, diagramming plays as they happen.
  • Player mode: See passing and shooting opportunities as they happen, along with field goal percentages for every player as they move across the court.
  • Mascot mode: Cheer and clap along in this fun-filled mode where animations, special effects, and a few surprises rule the day. 
  • Combo mode: Enjoy a unique experience combining elements from across all of our augmented modes.
  • Broadcast mode: Watch the game the traditional way.
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