1. How do I watch Clippers CourtVision on my TV? For the 2018-2019 season, Clippers CourtVision can be streamed on TV via Chromecast from your browser, via AirPlay from your mobile app, or via a wired laptop/TV connection.  Clippers CourtVision will launch across popular OTT devices in future releases.  FOX Sports customers in the Los Angeles area may access Clippers CourtVision enhanced streams through the FOX app located here.
  2. What else can I do with Clippers CourtVision besides watch live games? In the standalone Beta version of Clippers CourtVision, you can watch games on-demand after they air. You can also browse and search through unlimited amounts of highlights from recent games, your favorite players, and more, as well as watch all-access Clippers content.
  3. My Clippers CourtVision stream has gone down, what should I do? Please make sure that you have a good network connection and refresh the page.
  4. I subscribe to FOX Sports, but don’t see Clippers CourtVision. As a FOX Sports subscriber in the Los Angeles area, you should be able to access enhanced streams from Clippers CourtVision via the FOX Sports app. For the 2018-19 season, the standalone Clippers CourtVision Beta apps are available on an invite-only basis.
  5. Can I save Clippers CourtVision streams to watch later? Clippers CourtVision enhanced streams are available in the FOX Sports app live during games throughout the season. In the Beta version of the Clippers CourtVision app, we are testing the ability to save streams for later. 
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